Tuesday, February 9, 2010

....this girl needs sweets. STAT!....

thanks to EpiCute, bloq of cute food pics....let me just say don't view this bloq if you're starving. there's quite a few. i'll be posting up more when i get a chance to look at the rest. for now here's just a few that left me salivating...

a chance to wear chocolate sweets at my wrists. Fck yeah!

love the fact this one has the lavender flowers. wtf. dope.plus the candied shiny part has the colors of creme brulee. uh double dopeness!

somehow i'm inspired by this one. i dont know why. the colors? the simplicity? idk. 

here's another one that clicked inspiration. loving the color combination.

i've never had macaroons before. CRAZY. i know. they're so pretty. they totally remind me of Marie Antoinette. love her by the way. and the movie played by Kristen Dunst.

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