Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Eve. Reason for looking good?

ok. so i'm all about looking sexy and being comfortable. but more importantly. BEING COMFORTABLE while looking SEXY. NYE is coming up folks. we all know it's about being with friends. having fun and kicking off what's to come. forget the past. celebrate the present and be ready for the future. the big question comes to mind. "wtf am i going to wear?" here's what i have in mind for myself this lovely NYE. decisions. decisions.


NYE Decision

Saturday, December 19, 2009


it's been awhile for me. sorry. been busy. but this is why.
they're everywhere. i've been searching the net for ones that catch my eye. i just recently entered NEPALI by tdm designs DIY scarf contest. ugly sketch and a negative attitude. i wasn't quite pleased with my design.  i suck at drawing right now. im not gonna lie. haha.WELL needless to say i still hyped myself up to submit it. I WON! so now i'm waiting for the process of the scarf making to begin. i'll def post pics up once i get it. pics of my drawing and the actual scarf. until then.....
check NEPALI out.

Monday, November 30, 2009

.hotness. for cold air.

so i'm a total follower of blogger http://www.dirtyflaws.com/. her posts are amazing to me and i feel total connection. i love the style she be posting....black. gritty. dirty. funky. different. her recent post blew me out of my chair. well i should rephrase and say that what i saw blew me out of my chair. um. hello. get me this jacket. ASAP. both colors. that's all. thanks for posting it up girl!
Kill city. Leather Drapy leather jacket. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

....brain freeze....

ok. i totally see a DIY project coming along. i received my freepeople.com winter catalog and saw some pretty cool stuff. i decided to take a gander at their website and came across

this headband: 

i recently bought studs for a boot contest i entered and have several left over. i've been thinking about studding one of my beanies. after seeing this i'm totally doing it now! i will post up pics once i do! =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


over the weekend i picked up my fav mag, Hi.Fructose. the cover grabbed my attention immediately. artwork by Lori Earley. i have never heard of her and i'm stoked that i do now.  a master of graphite drawings and oil painting. her artwork is incredible. the pics i have posted up are just two of my favs. here's a little info on her. credit to her website. http://www.loriearley.com
"My oil paintings are a combination of classical realistic rendering with a personal element of distortion. 

This distortion comes from my innate desire to transform my emotions into tangible planes that express what I feel, not what I see. " unbelievable talent.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"daddy. i want this...."

on my afternoon break i decided it was time to do some online clothes browsing. hehe. excited i started off with my favorite place. karmaloop.com. as my eyes ran over the thumbnails in the sale section i was stopped in my tracks by this:

-Married to the Mob. Flight Dress

i am a huge fan of karmaloop and their clothes and did i mention i'm a huge fan of the color PURPLE! i can totally see this as an addition to my wardrobe. it's calling my name....
I can see it pairing nicely with these:

-The Chuck Taylor Light. ankle mid in grey *for my urban feel*

-The Marley Wedge w. dots by Jeffery Cambell *for my sexy feel*

i'm not big on wearing gold but i do like the strappy gold heels the model is wearing with the dress. the purple and gold compliment each other well. ANYWAYS. i wants....=D



-The merging of different elements into a union
-(of food or cooking) combining usually widely differing ethnic or regional ingredients, styles, or techniques
-a merging of diverse elements into a unified whole

point blank. two totally opposite things. different. but joined together. with that said.....i love that word and what it means. you hear fusion all the time around the restaurant business. example. asian fusion. i believe fusion takes place in my fashion statements as well as others. love it. it's not always about the fancy smancy. top name brands. i like to fuse expensive w. inexpensive. dirty dark designs w. clean designs. punk rock w. classical. urban. hip hop w.....well you get it! i'm all for funky and different! one of the many dope things about fashion.....fuse away.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

....lovin you is like food to my soul....

after this:

you're ready for this:

*I want this bedroom set. I want this bedroom. PERIOD.

back to life...back to reality.....

wow. so i really started one. bare with me i guess while i try to get a handle on this. hmm where do i start exactly. why coco creme brulee? well, i love chocolate. shoot who doesnt? you can do so much with it. transform it into anything you want. anything you're in the mood for. it's amazing AND yummy. what more can i say? =)i ADORE and double love creme brulee. there's something so special about it's creamy, delicious, delicate taste. my favorite part in eating creme brulee? *giggle* oh my friend, why it's the breaking of the caramelized shell. there's something fun about tapping the cool metal spoon against hard sugar and hearing the sound of the small break. it brings a smile to my face. you get chocolate and creme brulee together and it's pure joy for me......two things that are so simple and pleasing to the tummy and eye.

what's to come? i'll be dibble dabbling(like my words) over the catch of the day. week. hour. month. whatever sparks my interest to COMMUNICATE to the world. what will it be? i want to focus on the surroundings of fashion. arts. and food. that's another reason why i chose chococremebrulee. to me in its simple self it is fashionable. def art(soft yellows, creams, paired against the crystallized tans blending into black sugar)and of course it's part of the most important course. DESSERT. YUM-O!

until then.....outro