Monday, January 4, 2010

.rugby. so sexxy.

was web surfing the other day and the feeling of "want" crossed my mind. i recently passed up Ralph Lauren's Rugby Collection and fell in love with a few pieces. so European boyish yet sexy at the same time. why the Fck do we not have one here in Seattle!
i'm thinking Harry Potter. but who the Fck cares. this is dope. 

tight blouse. black eye wear. screams serious hot boss.*note to self. i'm 5'2 would these look weird on me?*

dam. boyish yet so dam sexxy. i'm loving this shirt. no joke. and there's a purple one!

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  1. Hi thanks for the compliment!! Well... I'm still learning myself how to sketch better proportions so what advice I CANNN give so far is to focus on sketching the CLOTHES, and not so much the body shape/proportion when you're starting off! Like I still ignore the feet/shoes kind of since I suck at it...

    It's all practice :) you'll be great~~! And yes, I am in Seattle (kind of) haha