Sunday, February 14, 2010

12 oz nonfat wet cappuccino, please

Cappuccino. coffee. love my life amongst other things. isn't it gorgeous when your cappuccino is placed in front of you with a heart or crazy shape floating in the foam? so awesome. i feel guilty for breaking the beautiful art but below the surface is what's calling me. for awhile i was going with mochas. just a plain ol mocha. then next raspberry mochas. to breve raspberry mochas. to white chocolate mochas. but now my heart rests between a nice wet cappuccino and a sweet white chocolate mocha. when i need my fix. i need it. i'm starting to slow down a little bit. i use to do 3 per day. maybe even one more for a snack. my baristas all know what i want and i'm guilty for cheating on them for another. yes. i do feel guilty. well. today i'm stuck with a bitter nasty starbuck drip coffee which i added some hazelnut creme for correction. failed. i think i'll go to my barista down the street and ask for a:

"yes, can i please get a 12 oz nonfat wet cappuccino."

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