Thursday, June 21, 2012

"mentor me, please"

Fashion. love. love love. I think I really found myself, my trend, my niche after freshmen year. Being different is my thang and I truly believe in standing out and being funky. I've always been into fashion and never really knew where to start with. I guess you can say...I never had the courage to really take it forward. I really should have followed my heart and went for it straight out of high school. Instead I took the route of chillaxin, kickin it, and straight up livin the life of a 19 yr old. Anyways, now that I'm at the age of "Crap, I seriously need to do something with my life...." I've been slowly taking steps to turn my dreams into reality. Will it ever happen?? Who knows...doesn't hurt to try though, right? I'm a huge follower/fan/lover of Hellz Bellz. I already have too many pieces of this line and best believe I'm not done. I have mad respect and love for the designer/creator Lanie and I CANNOT wait to attend this event sponsored by to inspire me. Get up on it! If you don't you know, jiggah.

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