Tuesday, November 10, 2009

back to life...back to reality.....

wow. so i really started one. bare with me i guess while i try to get a handle on this. hmm where do i start exactly. why coco creme brulee? well, i love chocolate. shoot who doesnt? you can do so much with it. transform it into anything you want. anything you're in the mood for. it's amazing AND yummy. what more can i say? =)i ADORE and double love creme brulee. there's something so special about it's creamy, delicious, delicate taste. my favorite part in eating creme brulee? *giggle* oh my friend, why it's the breaking of the caramelized shell. there's something fun about tapping the cool metal spoon against hard sugar and hearing the sound of the small break. it brings a smile to my face. you get chocolate and creme brulee together and it's pure joy for me......two things that are so simple and pleasing to the tummy and eye.

what's to come? i'll be dibble dabbling(like my words) over the catch of the day. week. hour. month. whatever sparks my interest to COMMUNICATE to the world. what will it be? i want to focus on the surroundings of fashion. arts. and food. that's another reason why i chose chococremebrulee. to me in its simple self it is fashionable. def art(soft yellows, creams, paired against the crystallized tans blending into black sugar)and of course it's part of the most important course. DESSERT. YUM-O!

until then.....outro

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