Friday, September 20, 2013

Marrying Fashion & My iPhone | We Are JUXT

Hi all,

It's been a min. A LONG MIN. I totally apologize for not keeping up with this blog. Let's just say my priorities aren't straight right now. I have so many projects going on and trying to keep up with them all is driving me crazy. I will say though...I am having fun with it. As stated before I've been working on my mobile photograpy. So far I've taken two classes and with those two classes under my belt have been able to create images I never knew I could conjure up. With this said, I've been featured on We Are Juxt's website. We Are Juxt is a mobile photography and artistery community. Def' dope peeps to check out if you're into mobile photography!!! Below is a link to the article. I'm pretty stoked!! The look book skillshare class I took was through Tasha Bleu Imagery skillshare class, ShootnStyle Creating Successful Fashion Lookbooks. CHECK IT OUT!

Marrying Fashion & My iPhone | We Are JUXT

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