Monday, September 24, 2012

blow out the candles and make a wish

my birthday just passed. YAHOO. another year older. YAY. another year to reflect back on accomplishments. achievements. failures. WHOO HOO. with that said....I have a wish list going right now that I tend to accomplish the next couple of weeks or so. let's just's an awesome kick off to a new year.

- Melody Ehsani's "Queen of the Jungle" black on black necklace. 
She's a designer I've been stalking for awhile. I LOVE her work. I plan on purchasing more of her items. Her designs are raw. funky. retro. futuristic. there are no boundaries with her. no rules. I LOVE that.
-Melody Ehsani's "Axiom's" earrings silver. These are in a neon blue but I'm going for the white or silver ones. These are so sick. I like how they cover up the whole lobe. 
-Hint Mint's artist series done by my favorite artist Audrey Kawasaki. I fell in love with Audrey's work the first time she was featured in Hi Fructose. From then I was hooked. When I found out she was chosen by Hint Mints to participate in an artist series for their cases I was STOKED! These were released last week. ORDERING IT UP! Next big thing involving her work is my tattoo. I'm still playing with ideas on it. 
-Tattoo. Next on my list. This isn't what I want but I like the picture. I have 3 in mind I am for sure set in stone with. At this point it's all about finding the right tattoo artist that can get the work done and done right. I have a feeling this will be happening very shortly, yes, very very shortly. 

Well, this is all that I have listed for now. Like I said earlier, I plan to get these marked off my list in the next couple of weeks. Here's hoping! The birthday list doesn't stop here. Who says there needs to be an end?

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